Mapping functional organisation of the cardiac genome & epigenome.
Chromatin remodelling in heart disease.

Project Members:

Eleanor Wong
Kelvin See
Dominic Lee
Oliver Worsley
Matias Autio
Lim Choon Kiat
Ning Ding
Justus Stenzig
Malin Jonsson
Cheryl Chan
Chukwuemeka George Onyeka Anene

Transcriptional landscape of cardiac cells.
Cardiac stress-gene regulation.

Project Members:

Zhao Rong Rong
Matt Ackers-Johnson
Kelvin See
Malin Jonsson

Maturation of stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes

Project Members:

Albert Dashi
Malin Jonsson

Clinical Genomics

SUREkids: Singapore Undiagnosed Diseases Research for kids. We are employing whole exome and whole genome sequencing for clinical diagnostics for babies in Singapore.

ICC: We have developed genomic tools for the diagnosis of patients with Inherited Cardiac Conditions.

Core Capabilities

Animal models and tissue processing

Project Members:

Peter Li
Shi Ling

Genomic sequencing (Clinical and Research)
Computation, Bioinformatics

Project Members:

Zenia Tiang
Wilson Tan
Suzanne Tan
Kuan Jyn Ling

Funding Support