Histological section of a diseased human heart.

Cardiac Epigenetics and Epigenomics

Our lab makes use of genomic technologies and molecular epigenetic approaches to explore new mechanisms of disease in the heart.

Heart Failure is characterized by a hallmark change in gene expression programmes. Epigenetics or chromatin modulations may, therefore, be the means by which myriad initiating causes are integrated to produce the final common pathway of heart failure.

Heart failure is the final common pathway for disparate initiating causes of cardiovascular disease.

  • Mortality of heart failure is ~50% in 5 years, rivaling that of even some cancers.
  • Heart failure incidence is increasing with an ever aging world population.
  • New treatment options for heart failure are urgently needed.
Global Burden of Heart Failure (from Savarese and Lund, 2017)

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